Affill.io makes it easy to find the products that content creators promote on social media, and easy for creators to promote all of their affiliate links in one place.

Find products from your favorite creators

Did your favorite creator just share an exciting product in their new video on TikTok? Perhaps they showed off some new stuff in their latest Instagram story?

We want to make it easy to find the products creators and influencers are using in their videos. You can do so by searching their name, or simply by scanning or uploading the qr-code shared in their post.

How it works

Every creator gets their own individual URL that can be shared with anyone. To make it even easier, they can generate a qr-code for every unique post that showcases the products used.

This is how it works:

  1. A content creator makes a collection of products shown in a post or video
  2. This collection can be shared using a link, or by generating and sharing a unique qr-code
  3. The qr-code is added to the end of the video or post for the viewer to either scan or screenshot
  4. Upload the screenshot to affill.io
  5. Voila! See all of the products in one place!

For creators

We know how complicated it can be to keep track of all your individual affiliate links and programs, not to mention promoting them to your followers in an easy way that generate clicks (and money!).

Your followers need an easy way to find and buy the products you share with them, no matter where it’s from, and we’re here to make it happen.

display chosen products
With affill.io, you can gather all of your affiliate marketing in one place, making it easy for both you and your followers to navigate all products.

You can create custom products from all of your affiliate programs and easily group them to show the products shared in your social posts – or as custom lists, like “my favorites for laundry day”. Favorite the products you want to promote and give extra visibility.

use qr-codes to make it easy to find your affiliate products
For every post or list you create on affill.io, you have the option of generating a unique qr-code that can be shared in your social posts. Your followers can easily scan or screenshot this qr-code, and gets sent directly to the list of products, where one click will take them to your affiliate partners.

Use one of our premade templates to share the qr-code, or create your own. Place it at the end of the video or post with the instructions, and your followers can easily find your collection of products.

Why use affill.io?

Affill.io is an easy way to administrate and gather (samle) all of your affiliate links while making it easy for your followers to navigate and find their personal favorites. We believe it’s a win-win for both parties!

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